Our stocks are air dried to a moisture content of about 10%. The full stocks are 60 to 64 inches long and the half stocks are 35 to 36 inches long. Both full and half stocks are 2 to 2 1/8 inches thick with enough drop for almost any style of rifle. Pistol stocks are long enough to take up to a 12" barrel. The prices shown in the following table are for stock blanks with no inletting or shaping done. Since we buy the boards, we have, at times, stocks that are presentation grade wood with curling throughout the whole stock. Please call concerning the availability and prices of this wood for the fulll, half, and pistol stocks. The price range for full stock is from $150 to $250, depending on the tightness of the curl. Half stocks are from $100 to $150 and pistols are from $50 to $65 each.
Inlet Barrel, Ramrod Channel, Shape Butt, & Shape Bottom of Front Section

We inlet for the barrel and ramrod channel and then shape the butt of the stock to the patternn that you desire. We offer this in the styles listed below. If you have some other style that is not listed, please call before ordering to make sure that we can do this style. All of my work is done by hand and each piece is crafted individually. I can do the style listed in left or right hand and in either full or half stock. We will also precut as close as possible to the buttplate length and trigger pull that you want if you let us know this at the time of ordering as to what buttplate and lock you are using. This information will save you a lot of extra work and does not cost extra. If this information is unknown, the pattern will be cut way oversize and hope that it will work with the parts that you are using. The shaping gets the stock to approximately finished dimensions, but the detailing, sanding, and finishing are left up to you. Please state when ording the style, barrel channel size, ramrod channel size, full or half-stock, eithe right or left handed and the length of the trigger pull.

NOTE: All the Barrel Channels are 13/16", 7/8", 15/16", 1", 1 1/8", and the Ramrod Channels are 5/16", 3/8", and 7/16"

Styles Available: Tennessee, Lancaster, Virgini, Southern, Leman, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Bedford, Jaeger, and Hawken. All styles are $65.00.

Other Options
Swamp Barrels Inletted (I must have the barrel to inlet into the stock. 100% inletted.) $60.00
Locks Inletted. (I must have the lock to inlet into the stock.) $37.50
Trigger Inletted. (I must have the triggers to inlet the stock.) $32.50
Inlet Blank Stock. (For the barrel and ramrod channel.) Full Stock: $20.00
Half Stock: $15.00
Pistol: $10.00

Please call if you have any questions about the above options before ordering so that we can have an understanding as to what amount of work that will have to be done to the stock. All of the above options are to be added to the cost of above stocks.